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            Customized Your Need


            Brief introduction of products

            Taichang Electronics dedicates in providing various series of transformers, inductors, common chokes and EMI suppressor components. Except standard products, Taichang also provide a customer-tailor service which includes product design, tooling, sample making and testing, and batch production.

            1、Common choke

            Common chokes include different structures like ET, UU, EF, EE, FT, CT, SQ etc.


            Different types of inductors include non-shield inductors, shield inductors, toroidal inductors, SMD inductors etc.

            3、EMI suppressor components

            EMI suppressor components include bead and EMI cores etc.

            4、High frequency power transformer

            High frequency power transformer include different structures like EFD,ER,EC,ETD,EF,EI,EE,PQ,RM,P,POT,DS, etc.